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By Bhavya Kaushik Nov 24, 2015

Declutter before you make the move

Have you ever stopped for a moment and really thought of how many things that you own in your home you actually need and use? Most probably the answer to this question is no. People naturally find it difficult to let go of their personal belongings. Over the years your home will accumulate all sorts of interesting items. It could be the sentimental value of these things that draws people to them or simply the fact I may need it again and I have space in the house, so why would I throw it away? So the accumulation of old objects like TV's, appliances, clothes, documents begins. Eventually the shelves and closets become full and the items you no longer use begin to migrate over to the attic, the basement and other dark and dusty corners of your house.

By Bhavya Kaushik Nov 23, 2015

Long distance moving guide| 8 steps

Long distance moving as the name suggests, can be a very difficult and lengthy process that requires careful planning and a lot of considerations. Many of us have previously moved houses or apartments and know how painstaking it can get when you have to pack everything you have and one by one transport these brown boxes over to the new home where the unpacking begins. It is a process right in between the excitement of making the decision to move and the excitement you feel, once you finally fall on to the warm soft sofa at your new place having completed the move. No matter how hard this may sound, we are all willing to go through it as the feeling of a new beginning is always worth paying the price.

By Bhavya Kaushik Nov 22, 2015

Picking a home to renovate

The world is filled with numerous homes, whether it is an apartment or a house which have been damaged, weathered or simply not well kept by a careless tenant over the years. These homes may not seem like much due to their visual appearance and state, but they could hold rich history, beautiful architecture, or simply radiate natural warmth deep on the inside. They may appeal to you simply due to their ideal location or because with a little work they can bring a big return. In either case and just like the saying "Never judge the book by its cover", which applies here as properties like this, with careful study and research could turn out to be real gems. And this is not all, they could also end up saving you a whole bunch of money if you do it right!

By Bhavya Kaushik Nov 17, 2015

10 costly Homeowner's Insurance Mistakes

Often owners assume that certain common aspects are covered in their policy terms, only to later find out that they were not. Read the entire policy thoroughly and check if it has everything you require or not. For example, in the US, flood insurance is rarely included in a traditional insurance plan, and owners who live nearby flood-prone areas, needs to get extra flood insurances. Also, a lot of insurance policies do not cover mold damage, which might cost a lot to repair. Never overestimate the coverage of your insurance policy and read every point before choosing the right insurance provider.

By Bhavya Kaushik Nov 16, 2015

13 Home Inspection Pitfalls

When you have discovered the property you want to purchase, and before you have finalized the entire deal, comes one of the most important parts of the entire house buying process – Home Inspection, which is an essential step carried out by the buyer to ensure that the future home has no obvious issues.. Although a home inspection can never guarantee anything and might have a lot of pitfalls. We have come up with a guide to prepare you about the entire home inspection process and how to avoid certain pitfalls in the process.

By Jerry White Nov 15, 2015

7 tips to help choose the right house for you

Real estate is an art in its own way and buying a perfect house takes so much more than collecting funds or simply visiting the house. Hand-picking the perfect house for you can be a petrifying task with numerous questions running on the back of your mind. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time buyer or an expert, it is a crucial decision which affects your entire life. Yes, it is very exciting to move to a better or a bigger place, but it can also get a little terrifying at times. It is not just about buying a house which you can financially support, but it also about supporting your emotional needs and thinking about long-term investments. Here is a quick guide, covering some major points about how to choose the right house for you!

By Jerry White Nov 13, 2015

8 things to look for when buying a home

Location is the most important thing that any home buyer should think of when buying a home. If you like the neighborhood and love your neighbors then you can try to live with nearly any imperfection in a home. Everything else you are free to change at any given time. But, once you make that purchase, you certainly cannot change the location of your home. When hunting for a house the appeal of the neighborhood, any noise from neighbors, traffic, or even pets, and of course, access to parks, shopping centre, schools, and public transportation.

By Jerry White Nov 11, 2015

How to find the best contractor?

At some point every homeowner needs a contractor. If you have bought a new home and want to make some changes, installation of new appliances or any other changes. If you are selling your house and would like to repair or renovate the place, you need the help of a professional who can build, repair, renovate, design or install such changes in a house. Since all these services are offered by a number of companies and individuals, it might get a little tough to find the perfect contractor for your needs.

By Jerry White Nov 10, 2015

How to prevent a break-in

Before heading out for that well-deserved trip to the coast or wherever the wind might take you, take a second to fasten the hatches at the house. Summertime is the most common period for house burglary.

Don't attract a burglar: Lawn mowers, grills and kids toys are best kept out of picture. Always secure your orchard sheds and carport. Make use of curtains on basement windows. Under no circumstances leave notes on your door such as “Gone for errands.”

By Rosemary Anne Kammies Nov 05, 2015

14 Kitchens ideas

This contemporary kitchen has a pleasing play of light and dark alternating combinations, with the dark brown and black counter section contrasting with the white cupboards behind it. The black table top is matched by white chairs while the black shelving is stacked with white crockery. And in the white ceiling above there are black light fittings.